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UPDATE #01/22

January 2022

Dear PropTech Community,
I wish you all a HaPpY, healthy and prosperous new year – may you find enough time in 2022 to seize the moment!

Please watch this:
Matthew McConaughey speech winning Best Actor at the 86th Oscars (2014)
Then ask yourself what your answers are
… to look up to,
… to look forward to, and
… to chase.

I look up to the beauty of nature, the amazing sky and the power of the ocean. I believe that we are all connected in this world and I am truly grateful for the opportunities life gives us!
I look forward to seeing my two teenage sons find their path, to enjoy special moments together and to continuously learn from them. They are my driver and being their mom is by far my most precious accomplishment in life.
I chase myself, I love to learn, to stretch myself and to make the world a better place.
Well, I am far from being perfect – but hey I only turned 50 years and it’s all about the path, step by step.
Surrounding myself with top-notch people is enriching.
For 2022 I will focus on being the best version of myself as a mom, including self-care, and continue to exercise and do my daily meditation rituals until that becomes a habit.
As a business leader I will improve my listening capacity, continue to promote diversity, inclusion, to coach founders and young professionals, and to highlight the importance of ESG in digital real estate!
How to become a better listener
Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark!
“ExploreDreamDiscover.” (Mark Twain)

Big virtual hug,
Your Julia 😉

How logistics suffers from supply chain problems

Demand for cold storage facilities is increasing – they are needed not just for groceries, but also for example for medicine. At the same time, a JLL article reports, it is getting harder to build new ones because of supply shortages of key components such as magnesium.

How logistics benefits from supply chain problems

On the other hand, for products which don’t require refrigeration, unreliable supply chains cause a certain shift from just-in-time delivery to larger local inventories, which makes modern warehouses more attractive pieces of real estate. A CBRE article explains more of the background.

How occupants look at technology

Do occupants even care about technology? The short answer is no, they don’t. However, they certainly do care about benefits which technology can deliver. Property week has collected more nuanced points of view from a panel of experts.

How technology looks at occupants

A wide variety of technologies is being used for occupancy sensors, ranging from infrared to ultrasound and from Bluetooth to people recognition cameras. A Propmodo article provides a nice overview of 7 common kinds of such sensors.



Real Estate Technology VC Report

The Center for Real Estate Technology & Innovation has released a research report summarizing the PropTech venture capital activity of 2021. Overall investment totaled $32 billion, which marks an increase of 28% over 2020 and is also slightly higher than the pre-pandemic figure of 2019. Nearly half of it (49.1%) went into residential tech companies. The construction sector received more than twice as much (18.9%) as commercial real estate did (7.6%). You can download the report.


What is the space above properties worth?
Air Rights, the Hidden Component Of Density

What were the biggest funding rounds of the year?
As housing boomed, 2021’s proptech darlings were resi solutions

What will happen to 400 million square feet of properties?
New York City Picks JLL Technologies to Lead PropTech Vetting

Deals & cooperations

Long-term home rental marketplaceZappyrent from Italy has successfully completed an equity crowdfunding of€900K.

Aedifion, the German startup developing tools for the cloud-based processing of operating data from building automation systems, has received a 7 figure amount in a Pre Series A round.

Occupancy counting radar technology developer Xandar Kardian has closed a $10M Series A.

California-based CREtelligent, which provides due diligence solutions, also got $10M, but as a debt financing.

Casavi, a German platform connecting residents, owners,
managers, and service providers, has announced a €20M Series B.

In China, Jitong Construction Engineering, which focuses on the maintenance and protection of underground buildings, has closed a venture round of around $54M(CN¥343M).

Properties and maintenance services management platform Lessen has received $170M in a Series B.

Vacasa, which helps to buy, manage, and sell vacation home, has raised$200M of post-IPO equity.

London-based WorkClub, which aggregates on-demand workspaces, is being acquired by Upflex. The price has not been mentioned.



PropTech doesn’t always have to mean a plethora of electronic devices. It can also mean applying technology to create new kinds of building systems made of sustainable, natural and CO2-neutral materials, like the Strohboid Pavilion. Have a look!